A Conversation with Charles Harrison


On September 6th, Gary also had the privilege to interview Mr. Charles Harrison at the Carroll County Youth Service Bureau for an audio taped forty minute conversation. Charles spoke to a broad range of personal issues from his teenage years growing up in segregated Baltimore City to joining the military and serving in the Vietnam War as a helicopter pilot. Following the war, Charles continued to serve his country with the FBI, CIA, and other national security roles. 

Charles tells a rich story of personal courage and commitment while always working to change an American culture struggling with civil rights and social justice.  Closer to home, Charles has served as Chairperson for the Carroll County NAACP, Judge of the Orphans Court and other Civic organizations.

In reading some of Mr. Harrison’s previous interviews and public comments, he has been an advocate for a national “healing process” in relation to our armed conflicts and racial strife. He references his visits to the Vietnam memorial (AKA “The Wall”) as a reflection of the diverse men and women that made sacrifices to advance causes of racial justice and peace in our time.